My First Unity

1. Create a Project

At first, we create a new project for our game. Take some operations following terms.
  • Invoke Unity editor. Click “New Project…” from “File” on the menu bar. (after here, write this operation as “File -> New Project…”)
  • Click the “New Project” button in the upper-right.
  • Display dialog is shown. Input the name of the game in “Project Name”. In this time, the name is “Roll-a-Ball”.
  • Select a folder for saving the project in “Location”.
  • Select the 3D game.
  • At last, click the “Create project” button.

  • 2. Save a scene

    Take some operations following terms for making a scene. After these operations, the Scene file(***.unity) is made.
  • Click “File -> Save Scene”.
  • Input the scene name. At this time, the name is “stage01”.

  • *note: relation about project and scene
    At Unity, the composition of the whole game is called “Project”. And each stage or scene which compose a game is called “Scene”. One game “Project” has some stage or scene.

    3. Get editor layout ready

    Get editor layout ready for explaining easier.
  • Click “Layout” on the upper-right. And select “2 by 3”.
  • Click the “Game” tab. And select “Free Aspect” to “4:3”.
  • Slide to left at the below of “Project Browser”.

  • 4. Way to use about the interface

  • Scene View
    This shows a game scene being made. We can watch the scene from various points and angles.
  • Game View
    This is a game display. The player watch game through this view when playing.
  • Inspector View
    This shows some object information that is selected in “Scene View”. And we can edit it.
  • Hierarchy View
    This shows a list of objects which exist in “Scene View”. We can edit it, copy, paste or change the object’s name, etc.
  • Project Browser
    This show resource files included project (scene, script, graphic, sound, etc.). We can import some packages from outside at here.

  • 5. Way to move “Scene View”

    We can move a viewpoint in “Scene View”


    Scroll a mouse wheel
    Scale up or down a “Scene View”

    Drag clicking right
    Rotate viewpoint

    Drag clicking left
    Parallel move a “Scene View”

    Double click object
    Focus the object clicked

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