Create Dual Boot Environment in Razer blade 15(2018) with Windows10 and Ubuntu18.04

New Razer Blade 15 with GeForce1070 MaxQ Design finally came to Japan in this August.
In this post, I will show you how to set up dual boot environment with both pre-installed windows10 and ubuntu 18.04.
The key is that you need to upgrade BIOS driver to 1.05 to enable touch pad in ubuntu.
I will continue to organize the environment for ui design, server side application and analytics(GPU computation).
1. External HDD 100GB up
2. USB Memory 32GB
3. USB Memory 4GB
4. New Razer Blade 15 MaxQ Design 512GB SSD 16GB Memory
1. Windows Shrink volume 5min
2. Windows create recovery drive 5h
3. Windows create system image 30 min
4. Razer Blade 15 Driver update to v1.05 10 min
5. Create ubuntu 18.04 live USB memory 5 min
6. Ubuntu Installation
7. Done!
Reference. Razer Blade Community

1. Windows Shrink volume 5min

In my model, it has 460GB free out of 512GB volume.
I will split it into one for window and ubuntu as dual boot.
I eventually give 300GB to Ubuntu, so first you need to shrink windows volume for that amount.
However since it is more than half of the entire volume, we must use tool called 'AOMEI Partition Assistant'
Following the guide . Please shrink windows volume. There is free version of the tool, so you can use it!

2. Windows create recovery drive 5h

For the hard disk issue, you might need to create recovery drive.
The 32GB memory is enough. Follow Create a recovery drive , please create a recovery drive.

3. Windows create system image 30 min

If you have add some tool or configuration in your pc, you might want to back up system image to restore them.
Follow How to: Create a system image in Windows 10 .

4. Razer Blade 15 Driver update to v1.05 10 min

If you skip this step, you will get stuck!
Without this step, ubuntu 18.04 does not recognize your touch pad due to bug in BIOS.
So you need to upgrade to at least version 1.05.
Go to razer support Support Center » Downloads » Razer Systems » Razer Blade 15” (2018) » Hardware Drivers . And download ' [Blade 15"2018] BIOS Updater Guide 1.05' and follow the guide! If there is fix pac for 1.06 or more, you should install them for sure.

5. Create ubuntu 18.04 live USB memory 5 min

Use unetbootin tool to create live boot usb memory. You can download iso file of ubuntu from here .

6. Ubuntu Installation

Insert the live usb memory, and restart with F12 to go to boot selection. And select 'Install Ubuntu'.
I will guide only important step.

Install Option

check normal installation with all the option. You can get useful tools at the same time.

Bool loader directory and partition

Place the boot loader in 'Windows Boot Manager'.
You need to git 1 to 2 times more than memory for swap. So I give 32GB swap for 16GB memory.

Allocate rest of it about 290GB.

7. Done!

Reboot and select ubuntu!

Reference. Razer Blade Community
You can get information regarding Razer Blade in the following links.
1. Razer Support Community
2. Razer [email protected] App

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